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5 ways to connect with APLD members

Miss Rumphius writes of why using Web 2.0 inside APLD is her passion. If you share her perspective, or are at least curious, take a look at some of the Web 2.0 places you’ll find other APLD members online.

  1. APLD’s Facebook page – If you’re already in Facebook, this one is a no-brainer. Just sign in to Facebook and search the groups for “Association of Professional Landscape Designers.”
  2. APLD’s LinkedIn page – If the seemingly turbulent waters of social networking and Web 2.0 seem a bit much for you, try the calmer waters of LinkedIn.
  3. @apld on Twitter – Did you read the Fall 2008 article on Twitter in The Designer? If that article didn’t convince you yet to try it out, perhaps now is a good time. You can follow APLD on twitter with @apld. Vectorworks is also on twitter with @vectorworks. But, if you don’t want to create an account, but do want to poke around and see a bit about twitter, look here and here for starters.
  4. Land8Lounge – If you’ve yet to meet the friendly people at Land8Lounge, why wait any longer? Billed as the “the premier social network for landscape architects,” it’s a social networking site chockfull of information, interesting people and engaging conversations. Equally important, you’ll find an APLD group on the site. Join the growing group of LD colleagues there.
  5. Flickr Friends – Uploading and tagging photos in Flickr and other photo-sharing tools is another way to connect with Web 2.0 savvy landscape designers. Take a look here and here. Hey, do you have a Flickr account you use for your business? Let us know by posting a note and link in the comments section here.

Know of other places to connect with APLD members using Web 2.0 tools? Just add what you know in the comments section here.


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