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Facebook Frenzy

Introduction submitted by Nick LaForest, Industry Specialist at Nemetschek N.A.

As a member of both LinkedIn and Facebook, I have found that Facebook is taking off like wild fire right now. A year ago, I was one of the few people I knew who was on it regularly. But in the last three months, EVERYONE is joining. I know, many people say this, but now my wife, both my parents, and even my in-laws are on Facebook! I would never have expected that.

Ok, so now you may ask: why should I do it? … And not because you want to be like everyone else. The reason is not to be like everyone else: be yourself, and show off your past, present, future; your interests, and even your creativity. To me, Facebook is a very easy to use tool for social networking. Instead of trying to keep up with my high school friends, college roommates, and everyone else who I know or knew, plus everything else in my life, plus have a successful career, now I can do much of this through Facebook.

A few ideas to get your Facebook feet wet:

  • Join some groups – Take the time to do a search (upper right hand comer) for organizations, topics, or other discussions that you are passionate about. This increases your exposure publicly and gets you the information you want already, at the same time. When you are a member of a group it will appear on your “Info” Page. For starters try APLD’s Facebook group.
  • Look for people you know – When you first login, on the right side of your screen is an area called “People you may know.” Click on the “See All” link in that area, and Facebook will see who it thinks you might know. This is how I found over 50% of my friends, all because they are friends with friends I already had. This is a quick way to grow your area of influence on the site quickly.
  • Participate in events – When you are hosting an event or attending an event, do the organizing with the help for Facebook. This is a great way to promote the use of Facebook for your organization. Plus, you can make events more global, so you may attend an event, but not physically here there, because you are attending the “online” version of the event though the events page. You can do this with APLD-NJ’s CAD for Landscape Designers event.
  • Become a Fan – Are there some products you always tell people about? Here is the Web 2.0 version of spreading the word about what is your favorites. Now you don’t need to be Oprah to have your own list.  Your list appears on your “Info” Page.  My favorite? Vectorworks for Students. 😉

Look me up on FB if you want more info. Plus a great resource for getting started is to watch the “Common Craft” YouTube video on Facebook. Lastly, it was fun to be a guest poster thanks for the opportunity.


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