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Land8Lounge and APLD

Introduction submitted by Eric Gilbey, RLA, APLD Associate

Recently, I have seen a lot of changes take place in my career, and the most dramatic was that my career took me to another state where I knew virtually no one, and submerging my wife and kids to a perhaps more frightful version of this, since they not only were unfamiliar with the surroundings and knew no one, but I, at least, had an opportunity to network with a number of co-workers, so my familiarity to locals would grow much faster than theirs.

Within a few months of this new territory discovered, I was introduced to Land8Lounge by one of its founders. This social networking site for landscape architects allowed me to become acquainted with landscape architects and landscape designers, and participate in discussions with many more fellow professionals than I could have ever imagined “connecting” with. This experience has changed my view of the professionals I would have previously thought of as “beyond my relevant professional network” to a global sense of how we can interact and influence professionals globally.

I have been engaged in conversations that have included the sharing of professional methods and workflows that I have already begun to incorporate into my own, and I owe it to the ability to connect to others through Land8Lounge. If you have not already checked out the Land8Lounge site, you should. In early December of 2008, a group for APLD was started, and many APLD members, within the group, have found the opportunity to network and interact with each other. That group has grown to over 30 and is still growing. Do take a look, and perhaps you too will make it a part of your regular routine of connecting outside of your local reach!



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