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Linking in to APLD on LinkedIn

Introduction submitted by Susan Cohan, APLD

I first learned about LinkedIn from the summer issue of The Designer, APLD’s quarterly journal which you can find on the APLD website.   I thought about it as Facebook for adults.   It’s free, so I signed up, invited a couple of contacts and left it alone.  Then I was asked to become the new international membership chair for APLD and decided to investigate social media as a a way to engage current and future members.  LinkedIn was my first social media portal.

What does it do and why should you consider participating?  If you have spent any time networking for your business, LinkedIn adds value and ease to that effort.   Once you create your public profile (here’s a link to mine) on LinkedIn you will invite contacts into your network.  The idea is that you then have a way to contact their contacts as well.  The larger your professional network, the more networking opportunities you have.  You can also participate in like-minded groups of professionals.  APLD has a LinkedIn group that has active discussions, many members as well as people who are currently engaged and may become future members.

You can set up your account to recieve a daily log of LinkedIn activity and the more you update your profile, add recommendations, recommend others, add applications or edit what you are working on, the more your information will be viewed by your contacts and others outside of your professional network.

Where will all of this lead?  You will create an on-line professional persona that will allow you to interact with other professionals–some of which might end up being collaborators, employers or future clients.


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