Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

Meet me in New Jersey

I’ll be at the CAD for Landscape Designers presentation on March 3rd. My name is Kristin Bukovsky, and I’ve been with Nemetschek N.A. for just over four years now. In addition to leading the Vectorworks Landmark sales team, I attend landscape industry tradeshows and events across the U.S., consult with current and potential users, and provide feedback to our engineering and marketing departments. One of the best parts of my job is talking to designers and hearing the projects they’re working on, especially when I call them and they say, “I’m using Landmark as we speak!”

Having an art and design background from my first go-around at college, I was used to charcoal pencils, pantone markers and a sketchbook. After deciding to make a career change and heading back to school later in life, I remember taking my first computer graphic design class and I thought to myself, “How the heck do I get my design IN the computer.” Although you could use a stylus pen, it just didn’t feel the same. And then the CAD (brand shall remain nameless…) classes started. I felt like I was drawing in outer space with the black background we used—the game Asteroids came to mind (yes, I just dated myself).  I always thought of myself as an intuitive person up until then. Thank goodness I had a great teacher who assured me it wasn’t me, but the program. When I came to NNA and trained on Vectorworks, I was drawing my apartment to scale within two weeks. “Wow,” I thought to myself, “there is a better way.” I guess that’s why our users have often said, “Using Vectorworks is like putting pencil to paper.”

I guess where I’m going with this is I can truly relate to some of the pains of making a switch to a new program or CAD, in general.  Don’t wait for the perfect project to start using a new CAD program on– just jump in. It can actually be fun to use, and the benefits it offers can pay for itself. I wish I had more time to use the program, but hearing about our user’s projects is the next best thing!

Here’s a link to a few videos to get you acquainted with what Vectorworks Landmark 2009 has to offer.

So, if you’ll be at the meeting in New Jersey, I’d be delighted to say “hello,” in person. If you can’t make it, or live in another part of the country (or world!), we can always connect in the Web 2.0 way over on LinkedIn.


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