Free Web 2.0 Tools

Social Bookmarking

You may have heard speak of Digg or Delicious. Maybe, even among landscape designers, there is a preference for Magnolia. All of these tools are social bookmark tools that essentially allow you to identify, categorize and share online information with others using free Web 2.0 tools.

Nemetschek N.A., an APLD sponsor and the guest presenter at our March 3, 2009, event, uses delicious to track some of the online content about its line of CAD products. See how Nemetschek N.A. uses delicious and view a perspective on how social bookmarking tools can be used.

To learn by watching, check out Common Craft’s 3:25-minute video on social bookmarking. Common Craft excels in explaining complex subjects simply. And, hey, if you’re using delicious, or another social bookmarking tool and want to share your perspective with other APLD members, go ahead and post a comment here, linking to your bookmarks and perhaps giving us a bit of insight into how you use the tools.


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