Free Web 2.0 Tools, Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

Tag it apldnna. Yep, apldnna.

Introduction by Jessie Newburn, Nemetschek NA

If you’re relatively new to Web 2.0 tools, one of the simple li’l secrets of connecting with others online is using tags. Tags are descriptive words added to content (photos, videos, blog posts) you create and post. The tag we’re encouraging people to use around our March 3rd CAD for Landscape Designers event, is apldnna, exactly typed like this. Examples of information you can tag, includes Flickr pictures, YouTube videos, blog posts, and twitter. (Remember, with twitter, the tag gets a # in front of it, to look like #apldnna.) You can, of course, tag your content around this event any way you please. Basic tags such as “APLD,” “Vectorworks” or anything else that floats your boat works, too. Here’s a quick video to explain a bit about tags. The video is mostly about Flickr, but there is a good explanation of tags included.


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