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Twitter and the curious world of micro-blogging

Introduction submitted by Jessie Newburn, PR Gal at Nemetschek NA.

Did you catch the fall issue of  The Designer? In it, I wrote a guest article about a subject near and dear to my heart: twitter. I focused the article on how landscape designers can use twitter in their businesses. So, lest I repeat myself, I encourage you to scan the article, added at the end of this post.

twitter-bird2I’ll be at the APLD NJ event, and tweeting away. I’ll be using the hashtag #apldnna in my tweets, and encourage you to do the same if you’re tweeting pre-, during and/or post- meeting. If you want to watch what people are tweeting about Nemetschek NA’s presentation on CAD for Landscape Designers, just go to  twitter’s search feature and then type in the term: apldnna. You can see what others are tweeting. You can follow my @vectorworks tweets during the event if that sounds curious and interesting to you.

And to find some other APLD members using twitter, check these out. Just go to”name.” So, for example, @apld becomes Capiche?


Also, take a quick look at this short video explaining twitter.



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