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Vectorworks Landmark Presenter

Eric Gilbey, RLA, APLD Assoc.
Eric Gilbey, RLA, APLD Assoc.

He’s friendly enough, alright. And if you’re joining us on March 3rd, make sure you say “hi.” Meet Eric Gilbey, whose official, corporate bio reads as —

Eric Gilbey, RLA, APLD Assoc., is a Landscape Architecture Industry Specialist for Nemetschek North America, where he utilizes his professional experience and CAD skills to assist in the development, marketing and sales of Vectorworks Landmark. Eric received an AAS degree in Landscape Contracting and Construction and a BS degree in Landscape Architecture from the Ohio State University. He is currently serving as the executive committee secretary with the ASLA Maryland Chapter as well as the Secretary of APLD’s DC-MD-VA Chapter. Eric’s unique experience as a practicing landscape architect and user of various CAD programs allows him to help landscape architects and designers develop “best practices” including sustainable design.

Eric will be talking about CAD software for landscape designers, and, more specifically, about Vectorworks Landmark, by Nemetschek NA.

Nemetschek NA, in addition to being an APLD corporate sponsor, is providing some light food and drinks, so come early and chat with Eric and others at the event, or stay a little late for the converation following. (Though we certainly can’t promise any food will be left by then.)

Just a heads up: We’re not planning on doing any live video stream of the event, though if someone were to want to do this, that would be very cool. Do stay tuned for our follow-up report on both the presentation and how it was “socialized.”


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