Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

What to Expect at the Virtual Event

Here’s what we hope you can expect from participating in the online/virtual version of the Vectorworks CAD for Landscape Designers event. First and foremost, this is a companion event. You can attend on your own time, asynchronous to the event … you don’t have to be there, physically or participating online at the same time as the event. There are live components planned such as the Twitterstream and updates to Facebook and LinkedIn. There will also be an ‘after party’ with video, pix and more info. There won’t be a livestream of the actual presentation, though. Perhaps another time, but not tonight. 😉

We hope that those of you who have been following along and who have explored the blog’s articles and information know that your experience will be different from actually attending the seminar. Some event elements, like the podcast, are only here. Others will only be live. In either case, we want your participation, so leave comments, Tweet, write on the Facebook wall, or add to the LinkedIn discussion.

Based on yesterday’s weather, here’s what won’t happen…the arboretum won’t look like this!

Used with permission by 'Friends of Frelinghuysen'
Used with permission by 'Friends of Frelinghuysen'

It will be, like the rest of New Jersey, under snow with freezing tempertures… See, there are big advantages to attending things virtually!


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