Designer’s Toolbox: Don’t Miss Out Next Time!

Who:  APLDNJ Members

What:  Unusual Trees and Shrubs for Landscape Designs

When:  June 10th (yes it’s in the past)

Where:  Plant Detectives Chester, NJ

Why:  Continuing Education makes you a better designer!

The North Jersey members who attended the Plant Detectives Nursery tour and lecture in Chester on Wednesday evening, June 10 were treated to  a great evening and informational event.

Nursery owner, Art Laster, not only hosted the event but also  invited guest speakers Chris Rubino, from APLD’s national sponsor Monrovia, and John Mohr from Iseli Nursery to present some of their uncommon plants for APLDNJ designers to consider using in future landscape designs.  Art spoke about under-used plants and provided dinner and beverages for all.

chapter event 1John Mohr and APLDNJ Members at Plant Detectives Nursery

Joe Broyles, chapter member and representative of APLDNJ’s Gold sponsor, Plant Health Care, also said a few words about PHC products.

The APLDNJ landscape designers in attendance recieved three plants (pictured below) from Monrovia and a CD Catalog from Iseli.

Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘MonSan’ P.P.# 17622

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Mini Penny’ P.P.# 15744

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘HYMMADII’ P.P. 18282

Special thanks to APLDNJ member,Barbara Dannenfelser, for organizing this event, and of course to Art Laster and staff for their generous hospitality.


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