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Designer’s Toolbox: Monrovia Nursery Event-2/26/10

Guest blog post from Kathy Rudnyk of Monrovia Plants

The event information is at the end of this post, it is free to APLD members, but you have to RSVP as seating is limited to 100.  Call  to reserve your spot – 1-800-999-9321 x 1148 or email Kathy

Sustainable… beautiful plants from Monrovia

The latest buzz word is “sustainable”.   Join Monrovia’s Ian Cooke and Pier Davis to learn the latest in how sustainability has gone full circle from nursery production and into the future with support from the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Monrovia's Nursery at Visalia, California

Besides winning the prestigious Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Evergreen Award, Monrovia’s on-going sustainability efforts include creating compost with cutting refuse, practicing integrated pest management, recycling water, and applying slow-release fertilizer.  Our Cairo facility, even has designed and constructed a bioswale, where an alligator currently resides. Sustainable nursery practices are used today at Monrovia, and perhaps you are curious to know what those practices entail and significance.

When it comes to design, Monrovia has asked your design peers for assistance.  In November, Monrovia hosted a Design Council of prestigious and active APLD and ASLA members.  These members completed homework, like identifying sustainable plant categories that transcend the typical, such as natives, cold hardiness, light exposure, sea coast exposure, and drought tolerant.  The group even determined what a best practices landscape care calendar would reflect. Saving you time and money and allowing you the freedom to make recommendations to your clients or their plant maintenance team.  Come learn what those futuristic offerings include.

We at Monrovia believe that design leads the way for beautiful and sustainable landscapes.  Join us for free lunch from noon to 1:30 pm at Barton Nursery on February 26, Friday.  949 New Durham Road, Edison, NJ 08817  Phone: 732-287-5222.  Please RSVP with Katharine Rudnyk 1-800-999-9321 x1148.  CEU credits are available, too.


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