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APLDNJ at Monrovia’s Sustainable Event x 2

Gracious to the end, APLD Platinum sponsor, Monrovia held two workshops–one a snow delay for APLDNJ and the NJ chapter of ASLA at Barton’s Nursery in Edison.  It was an excellent workshop filled with useful information and a first hand look at many Monrovia plants.

The focus of the event was on  creating sustainable landscapes using Monrovia plants.  Ian Cooke from Monrovia’s Tennessee facility presented a compelling case for Monrovia’s company wide commitment to sustainable practices.

APLDNJ and ASLA members on the 2nd day of the presentation

Wisely stating at the onset that ‘The most expensive plant you can buy is the one that dies’, Mr. Cooke continued to make the case for the high level of quality of the company’s output as well as their commitment to sustainability.

After a short break for lunch, Pier Davis, the region’s Monrovia representative gave a presentation on new plant introductions.  Most exciting were the Itoh peonies.  Named for Toichi Itoh, the first hybridizer, they are cross between a tree Peony and a herbaceous Peony.  Don Smith continued the hybridization and Monrovia’s exclusive  Paeonia x ‘Yellow Doodle Dandy’ is pictured below still in a pot…Can you wait for spring?

Paeonia x 'Yellow Doodle Dandy'

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