APLD Twitter List

UPDATE: November 13, 2009

Twitter has now incorporated a list service of its own and we are using that list as our primary list.  Here’s the link Twitter List of APLD Members it is updated often.  You can use the list if you Tweet to easily follow other members and join in on the conversations there.


Here’s a list of international APLD members who use Twitter.  If you Tweet and aren’t on the list, simply tweet @apld.  Your membership will be verified and you’ll be added.  Join the conversation on line…the list is growing daily!

If you Tweet about APLD related topics, be sure to use the #apld hashtag so it’s searchable.  What’s a hashtag?  It’s a way to make each tweet with that tag show up in one group so you can follow the conversation with ease.


Photography Workshop Photos

Eight APLDNJ landscape designers met on October 2nd at Atlock Farm for a garden photography workshop with Rich Pomerantz.   Below are the photos sent when when each designer was asked to submit of their favorite image from the workshop.  Some photographed plants, some gardens, some chickens and still others architecture.   Each viewpoint is distinctly different.  We are landscape and garden designers after all…hope you enjoy the view!

Jane Derickson

Jane Derickson

Andrea Grillo

Andrea Grillo

Laurel Von Gerichten

Laurel Von Gerichten

Susan Cohan, APLD

Susan Cohan, APLD

Jock Lewendon, APLD

Jock Lewendon, APLD

Rich Pomerantz--our intrepid instructor gives us the boot!

Rich Pomerantz--our intrepid instructor gives us the boot!

Barbara Miller

Barbara Miller

APLD debuts new Facebook Fan Page

Join the conversation over on Facebook–APLD has a cool new fan page. The fan page has unique content, discussions and a place to post photos.  You don’t have to be a member of Facebook to join…but if you aren’t and want to be, read this for a full explanation of Facebook and how it works.

Association of Professional Landscape Designers
Association of Professional Landscape Designers
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APLDNJ in Portland, Oregon

The APLDNJ chapter was well represented at the APLD Annual International Design Conference in Portland, Oregon from July 13-19th.  The 2010 conference will be held in Dallas, Texas at the end of September.

Many APLD members cite the annual conference as the best benefit of membership.  Several of us got together (after a few glasses of wine and too much desert) to tell you why we go.  NJ Chapter members:  James and HaeSun Robyn, Helen Grundman, Susan Olinger, Jock Lewendon, Susan Cohan with a guest spot from APLD president elect Patricia St. John (CA) are on the video.  Missing members who were in Portland but not filmed–Ruth Bowers and Whitney Freeman-Kemp (who is defecting to her home state of Connecticut’s new chapter).  Enjoy–we did!

Fall Garden Photography Workshop at Atlock Farm

15-23 adams 8987

Hi NJ APLD friends! Rich Pomerantz here, guest-blogging for you.

On October 1 I will be conducting a workshop for the NJ APLD members at Atlock Farm in Somerset.  (OK, so the photo above is from my home territory in New England….) This will be a wonderful time to capture the late season splendor of Ken Selody’s wonderful nursery with hands-on instruction by me addressing issues from the mundane (camera functions and digital file management) to the artistic (composition, best ways to use available light and how to “see” the garden).  I’ve taught hundreds of people how to improve their garden photography at NYBG, MassHort and at flower shows and garden clubs throughout the northeast. Perhaps you met me at last year’s national APLD conference in New York where I was the official photographer.  Or maybe you have seen my photos in Horticulture, Garden Design, Perennials or another garden or shelter magazine, or maybe in one of my books, or my website, www.richpomerantz.com.

42678NF6675 In any event, this workshop is bound to leave you wanting more face time with your camera!   We’ll start early at 7am to catch the good light and beat the traffic, break for lunch where we’ll review the morning’s work and go over some basic principles (if needed), then finish the day shooting through the afternoon. Officially we’ll end at 4pm, but if the light’s still good……

For more information and to sign up, go to the NJ APLD chapter’s online portal by clicking here:


14  23  sharp 2609

I’ll see you there!

Designer’s Toolbox: Don’t Miss Out Next Time!

Who:  APLDNJ Members

What:  Unusual Trees and Shrubs for Landscape Designs

When:  June 10th (yes it’s in the past)

Where:  Plant Detectives Chester, NJ

Why:  Continuing Education makes you a better designer!

The North Jersey members who attended the Plant Detectives Nursery tour and lecture in Chester on Wednesday evening, June 10 were treated to  a great evening and informational event.

Nursery owner, Art Laster, not only hosted the event but also  invited guest speakers Chris Rubino, from APLD’s national sponsor Monrovia, and John Mohr from Iseli Nursery to present some of their uncommon plants for APLDNJ designers to consider using in future landscape designs.  Art spoke about under-used plants and provided dinner and beverages for all.

chapter event 1John Mohr and APLDNJ Members at Plant Detectives Nursery

Joe Broyles, chapter member and representative of APLDNJ’s Gold sponsor, Plant Health Care, also said a few words about PHC products.

The APLDNJ landscape designers in attendance recieved three plants (pictured below) from Monrovia and a CD Catalog from Iseli.

Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘MonSan’ P.P.# 17622

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Mini Penny’ P.P.# 15744

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘HYMMADII’ P.P. 18282

Special thanks to APLDNJ member,Barbara Dannenfelser, for organizing this event, and of course to Art Laster and staff for their generous hospitality.

Designer’s Toolbox: Web Presence and You

Landscape designers as a whole have not embraced Web 2.0.  This next current wave of interactive web media seems to take too much time or requires geeky internet savvy.  Not true.  Designers say ‘Well I set up a Facebook and did nothing with it…’ or ‘I don’t have the time to figure all of that out’…or  ‘I don’t even have a website’.   To continue to be in business and  ignore the power of the internet to network with like minded professionals as well as a tool to engage potential clients is to ignore the future.

A website is a mandatory tool in this day and age.  ‘Google’ is a verb.  If you can’t be ‘googled’ with a link to your information, you are putting your design business at a disadvantage.  If you don’t already have a website, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  There are free, user friendly tools to build a website such as Homestead that you can use yourself.

A blog  can be a substitute for a website if you want to update and can be hosted for free at sites like the one that hosts this one…WordPress or Blogger.  Blogs allow you to post photos, link to other sites and comment on your work–they also allow people to comment on what they see.

With all of the hoopla about Social Media and Web 2.0 tools, how can do you make it work for you and your design business in the real world?  Just start.  Pick one Web 2.0 tool and use it.  Don’t just set it up and park it.   We’ve already talked about Facebook, LinkedIn, Land8lounge, Twitter,  and some others.

If a  Landscapedia portfolio isn’t your thing, you can share photos of your work or build a digital portfolio with sites like Flickr or Picasa.  If you already have a PowerPoint portfolio, upload and share it on SlideShare.

There are tools such as Ping.fm that will allow you to post in one place and have that post update in some of your other social media pages as well.  There are also tools such as Tumblr that allow you to display all of your on-line presence in one place.

Whatever you choose to do, do something, to continue to ignore the power of online connections is like ignoring the changing of the seasons.