Designer’s Toolbox: 1 Day Designer’s PR & Marketing Workshop

Join APLDNJ for a full day workshop with international Public Relations expert, Suzy McCoy, principle of Garden Media Group and learn the ins and outs of public relations for your landscape design practice.

Suzi McCoy

Suzi is well known in garden-writing circles, she is active in Garden Writers Association of America, a member of the National Gardening Association, American Horticultural Society, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and a speaker in the field.

What You’ll Learn

Find out exactly what you need to do so the media knows you and wants to cover your projects and events.  This workshop will include a hands-on component that will insure that you walk away with tools you put to use.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided (with vegetarian options) as will WiFi and plugins for your laptop.

Workshop Date:  March 18th 8:30 sign-in and coffee, Workshop 9:00-3:00


  • APLDNJ members $120.00
  • APLD and affiliated association members $135.00
  • Non-members $150.00

Seating is limited for this valuable workshop! To reserve your spot, please send full payment by check with your name address and email contact information to:

APLDNJ 14 Abington Street, Morris Plains 07950

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APLDNJ at Monrovia’s Sustainable Event x 2

Gracious to the end, APLD Platinum sponsor, Monrovia held two workshops–one a snow delay for APLDNJ and the NJ chapter of ASLA at Barton’s Nursery in Edison.  It was an excellent workshop filled with useful information and a first hand look at many Monrovia plants.

The focus of the event was on  creating sustainable landscapes using Monrovia plants.  Ian Cooke from Monrovia’s Tennessee facility presented a compelling case for Monrovia’s company wide commitment to sustainable practices.

APLDNJ and ASLA members on the 2nd day of the presentation

Wisely stating at the onset that ‘The most expensive plant you can buy is the one that dies’, Mr. Cooke continued to make the case for the high level of quality of the company’s output as well as their commitment to sustainability.

After a short break for lunch, Pier Davis, the region’s Monrovia representative gave a presentation on new plant introductions.  Most exciting were the Itoh peonies.  Named for Toichi Itoh, the first hybridizer, they are cross between a tree Peony and a herbaceous Peony.  Don Smith continued the hybridization and Monrovia’s exclusive  Paeonia x ‘Yellow Doodle Dandy’ is pictured below still in a pot…Can you wait for spring?

Paeonia x 'Yellow Doodle Dandy'
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Designer’s Toolbox: Monrovia Nursery Event-2/26/10

Guest blog post from Kathy Rudnyk of Monrovia Plants

The event information is at the end of this post, it is free to APLD members, but you have to RSVP as seating is limited to 100.  Call  to reserve your spot – 1-800-999-9321 x 1148 or email Kathy

Sustainable… beautiful plants from Monrovia

The latest buzz word is “sustainable”.   Join Monrovia’s Ian Cooke and Pier Davis to learn the latest in how sustainability has gone full circle from nursery production and into the future with support from the Sustainable Sites Initiative.

Monrovia's Nursery at Visalia, California

Besides winning the prestigious Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Evergreen Award, Monrovia’s on-going sustainability efforts include creating compost with cutting refuse, practicing integrated pest management, recycling water, and applying slow-release fertilizer.  Our Cairo facility, even has designed and constructed a bioswale, where an alligator currently resides. Sustainable nursery practices are used today at Monrovia, and perhaps you are curious to know what those practices entail and significance.

When it comes to design, Monrovia has asked your design peers for assistance.  In November, Monrovia hosted a Design Council of prestigious and active APLD and ASLA members.  These members completed homework, like identifying sustainable plant categories that transcend the typical, such as natives, cold hardiness, light exposure, sea coast exposure, and drought tolerant.  The group even determined what a best practices landscape care calendar would reflect. Saving you time and money and allowing you the freedom to make recommendations to your clients or their plant maintenance team.  Come learn what those futuristic offerings include.

We at Monrovia believe that design leads the way for beautiful and sustainable landscapes.  Join us for free lunch from noon to 1:30 pm at Barton Nursery on February 26, Friday.  949 New Durham Road, Edison, NJ 08817  Phone: 732-287-5222.  Please RSVP with Katharine Rudnyk 1-800-999-9321 x1148.  CEU credits are available, too.

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Photography Workshop Photos

Eight APLDNJ landscape designers met on October 2nd at Atlock Farm for a garden photography workshop with Rich Pomerantz.   Below are the photos sent when when each designer was asked to submit of their favorite image from the workshop.  Some photographed plants, some gardens, some chickens and still others architecture.   Each viewpoint is distinctly different.  We are landscape and garden designers after all…hope you enjoy the view!

Jane Derickson
Jane Derickson
Andrea Grillo
Andrea Grillo
Laurel Von Gerichten
Laurel Von Gerichten
Susan Cohan, APLD
Susan Cohan, APLD
Jock Lewendon, APLD
Jock Lewendon, APLD
Rich Pomerantz--our intrepid instructor gives us the boot!
Rich Pomerantz--our intrepid instructor gives us the boot!
Barbara Miller
Barbara Miller

APLD Design Conference

APLDNJ in Portland, Oregon

The APLDNJ chapter was well represented at the APLD Annual International Design Conference in Portland, Oregon from July 13-19th.  The 2010 conference will be held in Dallas, Texas at the end of September.

Many APLD members cite the annual conference as the best benefit of membership.  Several of us got together (after a few glasses of wine and too much desert) to tell you why we go.  NJ Chapter members:  James and HaeSun Robyn, Helen Grundman, Susan Olinger, Jock Lewendon, Susan Cohan with a guest spot from APLD president elect Patricia St. John (CA) are on the video.  Missing members who were in Portland but not filmed–Ruth Bowers and Whitney Freeman-Kemp (who is defecting to her home state of Connecticut’s new chapter).  Enjoy–we did!

APLDNJ, Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

Event pix supplied by Don Huggins

Here’s some photos of APLDNJ members at Wednesday’s Vectorworks event at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, taken by another NJ chapter member, Don Huggins of  Don Huggins Designs.  Thanks Don!

Chapter President-Elect Jock Lewendon from welcoming new members
Chapter President-Elect Jock Lewendon welcoming new members
APLDNJ Landscape Designers Helen Grundman (front) & Arnie Friedman (seated)
APLDNJ Landscape Designers Helen Grundman (front) & Arnie Friedman (seated)
Eric Gilbey, RLA and APLD associate member discussing the plant library
Eric Gilbey, RLA and APLD associate member discussing the plant library
Susan Cohan, APLD taking photos for this blog
Susan Cohan, APLD taking photos for this blog

More things to come…

Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

What to Expect at the Virtual Event

Here’s what we hope you can expect from participating in the online/virtual version of the Vectorworks CAD for Landscape Designers event. First and foremost, this is a companion event. You can attend on your own time, asynchronous to the event … you don’t have to be there, physically or participating online at the same time as the event. There are live components planned such as the Twitterstream and updates to Facebook and LinkedIn. There will also be an ‘after party’ with video, pix and more info. There won’t be a livestream of the actual presentation, though. Perhaps another time, but not tonight. 😉

We hope that those of you who have been following along and who have explored the blog’s articles and information know that your experience will be different from actually attending the seminar. Some event elements, like the podcast, are only here. Others will only be live. In either case, we want your participation, so leave comments, Tweet, write on the Facebook wall, or add to the LinkedIn discussion.

Based on yesterday’s weather, here’s what won’t happen…the arboretum won’t look like this!

Used with permission by 'Friends of Frelinghuysen'
Used with permission by 'Friends of Frelinghuysen'

It will be, like the rest of New Jersey, under snow with freezing tempertures… See, there are big advantages to attending things virtually!