Designer’s Toolbox: 1 Day Designer’s PR & Marketing Workshop

Join APLDNJ for a full day workshop with international Public Relations expert, Suzy McCoy, principle of Garden Media Group and learn the ins and outs of public relations for your landscape design practice.

Suzi McCoy

Suzi is well known in garden-writing circles, she is active in Garden Writers Association of America, a member of the National Gardening Association, American Horticultural Society, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, and a speaker in the field.

What You’ll Learn

Find out exactly what you need to do so the media knows you and wants to cover your projects and events.  This workshop will include a hands-on component that will insure that you walk away with tools you put to use.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided (with vegetarian options) as will WiFi and plugins for your laptop.

Workshop Date:  March 18th 8:30 sign-in and coffee, Workshop 9:00-3:00


  • APLDNJ members $120.00
  • APLD and affiliated association members $135.00
  • Non-members $150.00

Seating is limited for this valuable workshop! To reserve your spot, please send full payment by check with your name address and email contact information to:

APLDNJ 14 Abington Street, Morris Plains 07950


Designer’s Toolbox: Don’t Miss Out Next Time!

Who:  APLDNJ Members

What:  Unusual Trees and Shrubs for Landscape Designs

When:  June 10th (yes it’s in the past)

Where:  Plant Detectives Chester, NJ

Why:  Continuing Education makes you a better designer!

The North Jersey members who attended the Plant Detectives Nursery tour and lecture in Chester on Wednesday evening, June 10 were treated to  a great evening and informational event.

Nursery owner, Art Laster, not only hosted the event but also  invited guest speakers Chris Rubino, from APLD’s national sponsor Monrovia, and John Mohr from Iseli Nursery to present some of their uncommon plants for APLDNJ designers to consider using in future landscape designs.  Art spoke about under-used plants and provided dinner and beverages for all.

chapter event 1John Mohr and APLDNJ Members at Plant Detectives Nursery

Joe Broyles, chapter member and representative of APLDNJ’s Gold sponsor, Plant Health Care, also said a few words about PHC products.

The APLDNJ landscape designers in attendance recieved three plants (pictured below) from Monrovia and a CD Catalog from Iseli.

Juniperus x pfitzeriana ‘MonSan’ P.P.# 17622

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Mini Penny’ P.P.# 15744

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘HYMMADII’ P.P. 18282

Special thanks to APLDNJ member,Barbara Dannenfelser, for organizing this event, and of course to Art Laster and staff for their generous hospitality.

APLDNJ, Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

Event pix supplied by Don Huggins

Here’s some photos of APLDNJ members at Wednesday’s Vectorworks event at the Frelinghuysen Arboretum, taken by another NJ chapter member, Don Huggins of  Don Huggins Designs.  Thanks Don!

Chapter President-Elect Jock Lewendon from welcoming new members
Chapter President-Elect Jock Lewendon welcoming new members
APLDNJ Landscape Designers Helen Grundman (front) & Arnie Friedman (seated)
APLDNJ Landscape Designers Helen Grundman (front) & Arnie Friedman (seated)
Eric Gilbey, RLA and APLD associate member discussing the plant library
Eric Gilbey, RLA and APLD associate member discussing the plant library
Susan Cohan, APLD taking photos for this blog
Susan Cohan, APLD taking photos for this blog

More things to come…

Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

What to Expect at the Virtual Event

Here’s what we hope you can expect from participating in the online/virtual version of the Vectorworks CAD for Landscape Designers event. First and foremost, this is a companion event. You can attend on your own time, asynchronous to the event … you don’t have to be there, physically or participating online at the same time as the event. There are live components planned such as the Twitterstream and updates to Facebook and LinkedIn. There will also be an ‘after party’ with video, pix and more info. There won’t be a livestream of the actual presentation, though. Perhaps another time, but not tonight. 😉

We hope that those of you who have been following along and who have explored the blog’s articles and information know that your experience will be different from actually attending the seminar. Some event elements, like the podcast, are only here. Others will only be live. In either case, we want your participation, so leave comments, Tweet, write on the Facebook wall, or add to the LinkedIn discussion.

Based on yesterday’s weather, here’s what won’t happen…the arboretum won’t look like this!

Used with permission by 'Friends of Frelinghuysen'
Used with permission by 'Friends of Frelinghuysen'

It will be, like the rest of New Jersey, under snow with freezing tempertures… See, there are big advantages to attending things virtually!

Free Web 2.0 Tools, Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

CAD Podcast–Get it while it’s hot!

Here is a podcast in two parts with Eric Gilbey talking CAD with Chris Heiler of Landscape Leadership. Chris graciously partnered with us to produce it. Thanks, Chris!

There are two parts so make sure to listen to both!

Link to Podcast

If you are wondering about podcasts, here’s an explanation:

Social Media

Welcome to the New Rules of Engagement

A nagging problem of contemporary life is that we are all over scheduled. New demands for our time and attention seem to appear at every turn.  Often it feels as if we are playing catch-up with our own lives and in this complex web of professional and personal obligations something’s got to be given up.

Consider this blog to be the map for your new rules of APLD engagement. Like any journey that requires a map, each person has to choose their own route and decide which sights (sites?) they want to see along the way.  Using Social Media tools, including this blog, some APLDNJ will events will be publicized and offered in a variety of virtual formats.  There will also be news, tools and ideas only shared here.  Anyone can join in and you will be able to attend on your own time– before, during and after the event based on what tools you use to participate.  These virtual events will not be a substitute for being there in person–nothing can take the place of that one on one, real life experience.  What this portal will do is it will show provide you with alternative ways to be involved and participate in what’s happening in APLDNJ.

Beginning  with the March 3rd CAD for Landscape Designers meeting, you can participate using social media tools and you will find everything you need to try it out below.  Click on links, try out some of the ideas, or just read along here. The APLDNJ blog will be there live via the @apld  Twitter stream or can be  a resource for you check back on or subscribe to in your own reader to keep up with what’s going on in your NJ chapter!

Have fun, learn and give us your feedback by leaving comments, entering in discussions with other designers, posting pictures and videos.  Remember, this is first and foremost YOUR chapter!

Vectorworks Landmark Presentation

CAD for Landscape Designers – Event Details

Join APLD-NJ and Nemetschek North America at our March meeting: CAD for Landscape Designers. Nemetschek NA has kindly offered to provide light fare and drinks, so we hope you’ll arrive early for some socializing time with your peers and colleagues. The Vectorworks Landmark presentation, which is free, will be held —

Tuesday, March 3rd
6:30 – 9:00 p.m.

53  East Hanover Avenue in Morristown,  NJ
At the Frelinghuysen Arboretum
in the Haggerty Education Center

You can find directions here.

Currently, we’re booked full, and have a waiting list to attend. If you’d like to be added to the waiting list or previously registered and now  can’t attend, please contact Jock Lewendon by email or cel phone: 732-433-6342.